Color coded food allergy cards. 
Blue       Blue cards provide important food allergy safety information. 



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Green food allergy cards address foods or situations which are usually considered safe for a child with peanut and tree nut allergies. On the back are examples of situations that can make an environment unsafe or cross-contaminate a usually safe product.  
Red food allergy cards address foods that have a greater risk for people with nut allergies.These cards offer alternative ideas and suggestions to ensure the safety of someone with a peanut or tree nut allergy.  
Every year, millions of Americans with food allergies suffer an allergic reaction. Although some reactions may be considered "mild", some food allergies cause severe reactions (anaphylaxis) and may be life-threatening. Reactions from food allergies may change with each exposure. Having a "mild" reaction does not mean that it will be mild the next time you are exposed to the food allergen. 

There is no cure for food allergies. Strict avoidance of food allergens, early recognition of food allergy symptoms, and immediate emergency treatment are vital to prevent serious health consequences. Vigilance to avoid food allergens is required at all times. Allergens can pop up in the most unexpected places. Even adults are challenged when it comes to detecting hidden food allergens. It is imperative that our children, and those caring for them, understand how to eliminate risk and provide the safest environment possible to protect those with food allergies. Meet our reason for food allergy awareness, and join our Facebook discussions. 
Food Allergy Awareness and Education
A special thanks to our friends at the Food Allergy Initiative for their support.
Beyond a Peanut - Food Allergy Awareness Cards have colorful eye catching illustrations on the front to help children easily identify with a food or situation, and comprehensive safety information and tips on the back. 
  • Hold up a food allergy card and ask children “is this safe”?  This creates an interactive learning experience. Depending on the children's response is when adults can introduce “things to be careful of” or the "safe idea" concepts which are on the back of the cards. 
  • These food allergy cards fill an important niche. There are numerous children’s books on food allergies however; these stories do not teach the necessary principles to stay safe. There are many books for parents however; a parent cannot expect others to read this kind of detailed information.  The education these cards provide empowers children, develops advocates, and helps people understand the many hidden dangers around food allergies, and why vigilance is necessary to provide a safe environment A FOOD ALLERGY TRAINING TOOL FOR OLDER CHILDREN AND ADULTS
  • Beyond a Peanut- Food Allergy Awareness Cards puts a great deal of important safety information, which often times is overwhelming; into a simple easy to learn format.  
  • This easy to read format provides a quick overview, which individuals are more likely to read. This in turn can create a safer environment for peanut allergic children. 
Yellow food allergy cards create awareness around items or situations that can present a danger for someone with food allergies. For example airplanes and bulk foods.